The Blueprint Initiative

The Blueprint Initiative is establishing one of the world's most diverse marine science collaborations led by science end-users from the energy, fisheries, community, regulatory and government sectors active in Australia's western marine territories. The Initiative will instill collaboration as the new norm for marine science in both State and Commonwealth waters off Western Australia.

The collaboration will, for the first time, provide a framework for multiple sectors to work together on shared issues, and to improve science based policy and practice.

Oil and Gas Industry

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Coastal Development

Conservation Management

Environmental Regulation

Latest Progress

Blueprint for Marine Science Advisory Forum, Perth, Western Australia 2016
Blueprint for Marine Science Report - September 2016

Sep 22 2016

We are very pleased to present the first...

WA Marine Science Strategy achieves unprecedented collaboration

Aug 30 2016

A who’s who of Western Australia’s marine science,...

Karratha and Exmouth consulted on decommissioning

Aug 29 2016

Fishers and tourism operators in Karatha and Exmouth are...

The Blueprint for Marine Science Initiative Implementation Strategy 2016-2018
Industry and government launch WA strategy for marine science collaboration

Jun 21 2016

Some of Western Australia’s most influential government...

Who's Involved