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Blueprint for Marine Science Update – February 2017

Feb 28 2017

The Blueprint team are starting to wind back up after the Christmas-grant season hiatus. Working groups for decommissioning have been held, and are being organised for environmental baselines, marine noise, modelling and observing.  

Whale off Rottnest_Katie Baronie Shaw

Blueprint for Marine Science Update – November 2016

Nov 29 2016

The second Blueprint Steering Committee (held on Tuesday 29th of November) wrapped up a very encouraging first three months of the Implementation Strategy with people from across industry, government, community and academia working together to define and progress a number of project ar


APPEA launches important environmental metadata sharing collaboration

Oct 31 2016

A pilot project that generated the first snapshot of combined environmental data collected off the northwest coast has led to the sharing of metadata from many industry and publicly funded studies in Western Australia.