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Confidence needed to turn ageing oil and gas infrastructure into reefs

May 14 2018

A review of Western Australian stakeholders has found that many are in favour of decommissioned oil and gas platforms being left to serve as artificial reefs as long as there is evidence to support the social, economic and environmental benefits.

A diver approaches a sea fan at South Park, Clerke Reef, Rowley Shoals, Western Australia

Funding boost for Western Australia's blue economy

Apr 9 2018

Western Australia's blue economy has received more than $2.6 million in funding over three years to support marine science.

Blueprint for Marine Science Update – March 2018

Mar 27 2018

WAMSI welcomes Western Australian government's three-year funding commitment to pursue projects under the Blueprint for Marine Science priorities, including matters raised in the recently released report on Decommissioning of offshore Infrastructure: a review of stakeholder views and science priorities.

Blueprint for Marine Science Update – March 2017

Apr 3 2017

In the last week we released the Blueprint’s Decommissioning offshore infrastructure: a review of stakeholder views and science priorities. The report summarises the uncertainties, opportunities and issues that stakeholders have identified about decommissioning practice and recommends the priority science questions that need to be answered.  

Blueprint for Marine Science Update – February 2017

Feb 28 2017

The Blueprint team are starting to wind back up after the Christmas-grant season hiatus. Working groups for decommissioning have been held, and are being organised for environmental baselines, marine noise, modelling and observing.