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Blueprint for Marine Science Advisory Forum, Perth, Western Australia 2016

22nd Sep 2016

We are very pleased to present the first Blueprint for Marine Science Initiative quarterly report. A report will be sent after the Steering Committee meets to update stakeholders on directions and progress.

We would particularly like to thank the participants of the first Blueprint Advisory Forum and Steering Committee for the time spent at their first meetings.  Establishing the foundation and approach early has allowed projects to start with teams from across the sectors forming to guide priority Blueprint activities.

As noted at the Blueprint Forum, there are exciting opportunities for improvements in the new economic environment.  This will take time, and patience, as we negotiate new ways of working together to create more efficient and valuable approaches for marine science activities.

It is fantastic to see the support from so many diverse sectors.  The blueprint process provides a unique opportunity for us to deliver benefits to all stakeholders and the community.   

We look forward to helping you lead this important change. If you have any comment or would like to know more please email us at or contact Patrick Seares.

Click here to download the Blueprint for Marine Science Report - September 2016

Peter Klinken (Chief Scientist of Western Australia)         Naomi Brown (Chair WAMSI)

Blueprint for Marine Science Co-Chairs