Blueprint for Marine Science Update – March 2017

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03rd Apr 2017

In the last week we released the Blueprint’s Decommissioning offshore infrastructure: a review of stakeholder views and science priorities. The report summarises the uncertainties, opportunities and issues that stakeholders have identified about decommissioning practice and recommends the priority science questions that need to be answered.  

Alongside this report there has been a fantastic response by UWA, Curtin and other Blueprint participants to work together in proposing a strategic science and engineering program in the decommissioning space. Creating the space for this sort of multi-sector response is exactly what the Blueprint is all about.  

With decommissioning progressing well we will be turning our attention to progressing work to explore harmonised approaches to environment baselines across sectors through releasing a discussion paper on proposed frameworks and approaches, aligning efforts to understand the effects of marine noise as a number of projects get going in this space, and planning a more joined up approach to marine information starting with a survey of end users (from fishers to planners) about what information they would like to see, and how they would like to receive it.