Blueprint for Marine Science Update – March 2018

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27th Mar 2018

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) has welcomed the Western Australian government’s decision to continue its commitment to WAMSI to operate its independent marine science collaboration for a further three years.

The support gives WAMSI a mandate to pursue projects under the Blueprint for Marine Science priorities, including matters raised in the recently released report on Decommissioning of offshore Infrastructure: a review of stakeholder views and science priorities.

The funding will also support an extension of the Indigenous engagement successes that have been achieved under the Kimberley Indigenous Saltwater Science Project where research protocals are now available on the Kimberley Land Council website here.

This is an important time for the WAMSI joint venture partnership. As it moves into the third iteration, WAMSI finds itself in a unique position having developed a successful model for independent science collaboration to meet new and ongoing challenges in the marine environment.  

- WAMSI CEO, Dr Luke Twomey