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Whale off Rottnest_Katie Baronie Shaw

29th Nov 2016

The second Blueprint Steering Committee (held on Tuesday 29th of November) wrapped up a very encouraging first three months of the Implementation Strategy with people from across industry, government, community and academia working together to define and progress a number of project areas.

Early starters in the Blueprint process to note are:

  • The completion of the first round of prioritisation workshops for Decommissioning based on feedback from community and stakeholder engagement. A draft report is now being developed to send back to stakeholders.
  • A number of environmental agencies, regulators and industry participants agreeing to work on more consistent approaches to what, and how, all parties measure environmental indicators to allow information to be combined into spatial and temporal baselines useful for a range of proponent and management outcomes.
  • Scoping of a project mapping system that will allow people to see what others are surveying in the ocean and form links, and avoid supplication, up front rather than at the end of projects.

A range of other activities on the Blueprint work plan are also well underway with some introductory papers posted on the website, and more to come.

Introductory papers

The Steering Committee will be writing to project partners to support the next steps for these projects with (on the science side) Marine Noise being the next project to follow in the steps of Decommissioning with community and stakeholder engagagement and prioritisation workshops.